Mastertop Multifol 3000 – vapour-permeable (breather) underlay for roofing


Basic weightEN 1848-2170 g/m2(-)15%(+)10%
LengthEN 1848-250 m(-)0%
WidthEN 1848-2150 cm(-)0,5%(+)1,5%
StraightnessEN 1848-230
Reaction to fireEN ISO 11925-2klasa E
Rasistance to water penetrationEN 1928klasa W1
Water vapour transmission (Sd)EN ISO 125720,02 m(-)0,01(+)0,03
Tensile strength (MD)EN 12311-1310 N/5 cm(-)30(+)30
Tensile strength (CD)250 N/5 cm(-)20(+)20
Elengation (MD)EN 12311-160%(-)10(+)10
Elengation (CD)50%(-)10(+)10
Resistance to tearing (MD)EN 12310-1200 N(-)30(+)30
Resistance to tearing (CD)220 N(-)20(+)20
Dimensional stability (MC/CD)EN 1107-21
Flexibility at low teperatureEN 1109(-)40 °C
Resistance to water penetrationEN 1928klasa W1
Tensile strength(MD/CD)EN 12311-1>75%
Elongation (MD/CD)EN 12311-1>75%

MULTIFOL 3000 is a roof membrane created on the basis of a proven, microporous functional film responsible for waterproofing and vapor permeability of roof membranes. In addition, the functional film has been secured on both sides with special polypropylene non-woven fabrics ensuring optimal resistance to mechanical damage and weather conditions.

This solution guarantees the optimal functioning of the partition and

significantly affects the savings of energy necessary to heat the living quarters.

MULTIFOL 3000 can be used as an initial covering layer on all pitched roofs. The construction of the membrane also allows it to be used on boarded roofs, on full boarding.

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